Dr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing

S 2 E 31. Speaking with Naturopathic Dr. Michael Mason-Wood

October 12, 2022
Dr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing
S 2 E 31. Speaking with Naturopathic Dr. Michael Mason-Wood
Show Notes

Things are a-changing; Pfizer director admitted when asked by Rob Roos, member of the European Parliament, that the vax was never tested for stopping transmission (and it doesn't.) The narrative is interestingly and excitedly unraveling. Still don't understand why smart people have gone along with it but then you see people driving alone in their car wearing a mask...wow science and health class just didn't cut it...

Today I am so happy to have Dr Michael Mason-Wood to teach us about plant medicine and men's health naturally. His website is renewedvigour.com. (He is in Canada so don't forget the "u".

Here is his bio:
"I grew up in Mayo, Yukon, a First Nations community.  I was taught to value the planet we live on and this is where my passion for environmental medicine, plant medicine and gardening was initially birthed. 

 Prior to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, I started my mining career as a placer (gold) miner on Duncan Creek, Yukon.  After getting a geology diploma from NAIT, I worked for a few companies exploring the wilds of the Yukon and Alaska, even working for a short time in the south pacific country of Vanuatu.  My love for botanical medicine lead me to get a degree in Biological Science from Simon Fraser University, not knowing that naturopathic medicine was a real thing. 

 Since becoming a father, I have become even more passionate about the environment.  I want to ensure that there is a planet for my grandchildren to thrive in which is why I completed advanced specialty training in Environmental Medicine and Autism.  One of the missing links in Western medicine is connecting the rising rates of infertility to the increase in chemicals we are exposed too.  I like to use the garden analogy since I am a gardener.  If you want to be healthy, you have to take care of the body (ie soil) and give it the right nutrients as well as environment (sun, water) in order to grow an amazing crop.  I truly believe that we need to be proactive about our health using functional (i.e., Naturopathic, integrative) medicine to prevent many different diseases."

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