Dr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing

Season 2. Episode #6. Vaccinations and Naturopathic Medicine. With Dr. Sussanna Czeranko.

December 17, 2021 Heather Herington
Dr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing
Season 2. Episode #6. Vaccinations and Naturopathic Medicine. With Dr. Sussanna Czeranko.
Show Notes

This episode continues the discussion between Dr. Sussanna Czeranko and Dr. Heather based on early naturopathic writings. See Season 2, Episode 4 for the initial conversation that is based on Dr. C's book, Mental Culture (a 19th century term for the mind- body connection.)

Naturopathic physician and editor of the Hevert Collection, a 12 volume set of early naturopathic writings, Dr. Czeranko has done not only naturopathic medicine a service but humanity with these precious and enlightening books.  Vaccination and Naturopathic Medicine, in their own words, #5 in the Hevert Collection, gives us direct access to what early naturopathic doctors thought of vaccines.

These writings are essential listening and reading in this time if we are to dig ourselves out of the mess we are in with mandates that not only are unconstitutional but can destroy our immunity.  We will continue to lean on this collection for several episodes as we flesh out what can be done through the many modalities of naturopathic medicine.

This is number 52 of Dr. Heather Uncensored, a podcast that has become an extraordinary resource to understand in depth state-of-the-art concerns and treatments to stay well, physically and mentally from a wide range of healers and scientists. Coupled with Dr. Heather's books, Surviving a Viral Pandemic and the upcoming Transforming Trauma, this is a unique opportunity to get the most thorough and time-tested knowledge you can access, to encourage your family and friends to thrive in this time with natural medicine.

From the back cover of the fifth text in this collection:  "The topic of vaccination is fraught with intrigue and complexities. Since vaccination's first appearance in Western medicine, the controversy between those warning of its danger and those espousing its utility has endured. Perhaps no professional body has been more consistent in articulating its concerns than the Naturopaths of the early 20th century.  Indeed, the issue of vaccination safety and efficacy has a special place in the history of Naturopathic medicine not only because of the strong energy, convictions and polarities it conjures, but also because the very issue galvanized the early Naturopathic doctors and helped shape the profession. The Naturopathic doctors of a century ago did not quake at the presence of infectious diseases and germs but mobilized their natural therapies and proved the power of Naturopathic Medicine."

From Alex Vasquez, DC, ND, DO, FACN: "Vaccination and Naturopathic Medicine is an archive of social context and historical conversations, both of which are of the highest value if we are to avoid the intellectual errors and medical mistakes that currently beset us in the promotion of mandatory vaccinations."

Please subscribe and share. This is unique information, information society desperately needs at this time.

Happy Holidays! May joy reign as we continue to kick fear, fraud and lies to the curb!!

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